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In a traditional 2D movie, each eye sees the same information, and depth is inferred from monocular and motion depth cues. In a 3D movie, in addition to the monocular and motion cues, each eye receives different images, allowing stereoscopic vision to occur. We wear the special glasses to allow each eye to see the different images. Each eye piece in the glasses will only let one of the images through.

There are many ways to separate the two images, in this case, we use a method called anaglyph stereopsis. The right eye image is cyan (blue-green) and the left eye image is red. You wear a red filter over the left eye and a cyan filter ove the right eye. Thus the red image goes the left eye, and the cyan image goes to the right eye.

3D Movie (Stereopsis)

Put on your glasses to watch this short video. It is a 3D movie so it uses stereopsis to enhance the perception of depth. Try to notice all the subtle differences in the perception of depth and compare them to the 2D movies.

Left Eye Movie (2D)

This is the movie shown to the left eye in the 3D movie. Notice the differences and similarities to the 3D movie.

Right Eye Movie (2D)

This is the movie shown to the right eye. Compare it to both the 3D and the left eye movie. See what differences you can notice.