Updates to ISLE:

Below is a list of updates made to the ISLE Activities.

Date Type Update Update
03/28/2019 New App Added a new app as a bonus app to Chapter 07 illustrating how to make an impossible triangle with Lego.
08/28/2018 New App Added a new app as a bonus app to Chapter 3 illustrating the experience of myopia.
05/03/2018 Upgrade The view data buttons have been replaced with data download buttons visible below the graph or table. These buttons will now download the data in a comma-separated format readable by most spreadsheet and statistical programs. If you use Chrome or Opera, the download buttons may be dragged to your folder for downloading.
10/04/2017 Bug Fig Fixed bug in ISLE 11.1 Sound Localization Experiment that prevented from playing sounds in some conditions.
06/28/2017 Upgrade Ugraded ISLE 6.12(c) Simulating Dichromacy to event handling mode.
06/27/2017 Upgrade Ugraded ISLE 7.4 Monocular Depth cues to event handling mode.
04/07/2017 Bug Fix Fixed some sound issues leading to sum unpleasant clicks in activities such as Octave Illusion. And made som ISLE illustrates better match the textbook.
04/03/2017 Enchancement Add background to checkbox and radio text to show that they are interactive. They can be touched or clicked to make work. They have always been interactive, hopefully the background that is similar in color to the button color will let users know beter. This should enhance touch uses particularly.
01/17/2017 Bug Fix Fixed issue so that number pads now work when number inputs are requested.
09/13/2016 Bug Fix Fixed reset button in ISLE 2.10b which did not correctly reset checkboxes.
12/12/2016 Bug Fix Fixed mislabled slider and title in ISLE 11.3. Interaural Level Differences.
08/29/2016 Upgrade and Bug Fix Upgraded with some bug fixes ISLE 5.5(e) thorugh ISLE 5.7 and ISLE 9.5 (a) to the new event driven model. This finishes Chapter 5.
08/25/2016 Upgrade and Bug Fix Upgraded ISLE 5.2 thorugh ISLE 5.4 (d) and ISLE 13.10, all three activities, to the new event driven model.
08/22/2016 Upgrade and Bug Fix Upgraded and fixed bugs in ISLE 5.1, Segregation and Grouping.
08/18/2016 Upgrade Upgraded all of Chapter 4, The Brain, to the new event driven mode.
08/16/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 3.11 through ISLE 3.13 to the new event driven mode. This completes Chapter 3.
08/15/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 3.1 through ISLE 3.10 to the new event driven mode, except ISLE 3.6 which does not need this update.
08/12/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.11, Signal Detection Theory and the Reciever Operating Characteristic (ROC curve), and ISLE 2.12, Seeing With Myopia and Presbyopia, to the new event driven mode. This completes Chapter 2.
08/11/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.10b, Visualizing Signal Detection Theory and ISLE 2.10c, Decisions in Signal Detection Theory, to the new event driven mode.
08/10/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.10a, Basics of Signal Detection Theory, to the new event driven mode.
08/03/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.9, Signal Detection Experiment, to the new event driven mode.
08/02/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.7, Steven's Power Law, to the new event driven mode.
08/01/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.5, Point of Subjective Equality (PSE), to the new event driven mode.
07/27/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 2.2a & ISLE 2.2b, Method of Limits: Dot Threshold and Frequency Discrimination, ISLE 2.3a & ISLE 2.3b, Method Constant Stimuli: Dot Threshold and Frequency Discrimination, ISLE 2.4a & ISLE 2.4b, Method of Adjustment: Dot Threshold and Frequency Discrmination, ISLE 2.6a & ISLE 2.6b, & ISLE 2.6c, Magnitude Extimation: Dot Brightness, Tone Loudness, and Line Length, and ISLE 2.8a & ISLE 2.8b, Forced Choice: Dot Threshold and Frequency Discrimination to the new event driven mode.
06/29/2016 New Element Added videos to ISLE 7.5 (a1) Motion Parallax Illustrated and ISLE 7.5 (a2) Motion Parallax Explained activities to show motion parallax out of an air plane.
06/01/2016 Upgrade Changed css to allow vertical panning on touch actions on the page. Helps with tablets in navigation.
05/31/2016 Bug Fix Fixed touch response issue for experiments. It was separate issues that impacted both the starting and the responses during an experiment.
05/31/2016 Upgrade Converted ISLE 1.10 Size Arrival to new event handling operation. This finishes Chapter 1 conversion.
05/31/2016 Bug Fix Fixed touch bug that imapacted Google Chrome and mobile versions of Firefox. This fixes all versions of Optic Flow (Ch 1, Ch 7, Ch 8) and most models of cells (Kuffler, all versions, Simple Cell, Complex Cells, Hypercomplex).
05/26/2016 Upgrade Upgraded ISLE 1.9 Kuffler experiment to use the new event handling technique. Reduces CPU usage by at least 50%.
05/27/2016 Upgrade Have started to conver the operation of the activities from clock to event driven. This will reduce CPU usage, especially on some activities. Upgraded ISLE 1.1 Sequence of Sensory Events, ISLE 1.7 Fechner Colors, ISLE 1.8 Optic Flow to this method.
05/26 and 05/27/2016 Upgrade/Bug Fix When stimulus drawing is complete in ISLE 9.1. Spatial Cuing and ISLE 9.2. Feature vs. Conjuction Search, a software created event is dispatched, this should lead to much more accurate reaction time measurements.
05/23/2016 Bug Fix Response button works to give proper feedback during experiments when clicked. Key presses have never been and issue.
05/19/2016 New Feature In experiment apps, when the data collection is complete, the tab automatically shifts to the results tab.
03/31/2016 New Feature Added an app that does color aftereffects on a photograph. You look at the inverse and then see a black an white version of the photograph in color. Users can upload their own photographs.
03/30/2016 New Link Added link to Musical Stroop experiment from Cognition Laboratory Experiments.
~03/30/2016 New Feature Added an app where a melody can be shifted by a ratio up an octave (each frequency doubled) or only add the same frequency change as on the first note (all frequency changes the same fixed number of Hz) it illustrates how our hearing of pitch is dependent upon ratio.
03/05/2016 New Feature Added a search function to ISLE. The user can choose the search engine from Google, Yahoo, or Bing.